Xian Horticultural Expo

See China in full bloom!

Xian, ancient capital of 13 dynasties, will host the 2011 World Horticultural Expo. The World Horticultural Expo’s theme is "Tian-Ren Chang'an and Creative Nature—Harmony between Urbanity and Nature."

"Tian", which means "heaven" in Chinese, stands for Nature, while "Ren" means human. "Chang'an", which has the meaning of long-lasting prosperity, is also the ancient name of Xi'an during the prosperous Han (202BC-220AD) and Tang dynasties(618-907AD). Therefore, "Tian-Ren Chang'an"reflects the traditional Chinese philosophy of harmony between human and nature as well as the modern concept of ecological balance. It embodies the historical significance and modern pursuit of the host city.

A special site for the expo was built in Chanba District, between the airport and downtown area. The design by Plasma Studio Architects based in London, UK, is called Flowing Gardens and takes 'circulation' as its key concept. The site will contain a lake as well as three main buildings - an entrance gate, an exhibition hall overlooking (and overlapping) the lake and a horseshoe-shaped greenhouse that plays with the whole idea of centre. By focusing on ecological civilization, the Exposition is intended to reveal the historical and cultural highlights of Xi'an and, in the meantime, demonstrate the novel concepts and creations based on the harmonious coexistence between man and nature as well as city and nature. The venue of the Exposition covers a land area of 418 hectare, including 188 hectares of water area, and will for sure become the largest one of its kind.

Being the starting point of the Silk Road and home to Terracotta warriors - Xi'an will again be the focus of the world's attention. This is the third time- after Kunming in 1999 and Shenyang in 2006 that the World Horticultural Exposition has come to China!

From April 28 to Oct 22 2011, people will visit and appreciate the brilliant interpretations of a variety of gardening and landscaping techniques and designs, marvel at the vibrancy of Chinese history and culture, be awed by cutting-edge science and technology of advanced ecological environmental protection, and discover the modern wonders of Xi'an. The 2011 World Horticultural Expo will be a world-class event that manages to bring together the economic, cultural, scientific, and technological diversification that our planet needs in order to stay green!