Kung Fu Martial Arts

Martial Arts are traditional Chinese sports which have developed over a long historical period. In order to survive the extremely hostile environment, our primitive Chinese ancestors learned some primary means of attack and defense such as leaping, tumbling and kicking. Moreover, they generally knew how to fight with weapons made from stones and wood or bare-hand fighting. This is considered to be the origin of martial arts.

The movements in martial art include kick, boxing, wresting and seizing, which are performed by rules. Sects of martial arts are various. Generally speaking, Shaolin Sect and Wudang Sect are the two most famous sects. As the old Chinese saying goes 'In the north, Shaolin Kungfu is primarily recommended. While in the south, Wudang Kungfu is especially valued.' Both of them lay emphasis on the external practice for Jing (genuine energy), Qi (vital energy) and Shen (spirit) and internal practice for muscle, bone and skin.

Shaolin Martial Arts:

Being an important part of traditional Chinese martial arts, Shaolin martial arts are considered to be the authentic Chinese Kung Fu. Originally, Shaolin Kung Fu was developed from the Shaolin Temple, in the region of Song Mountain. While cultivating in the thick forest of the high mountains, monks created a set of body-building exercises by learning the postures of flying, jumping and running from birds, beasts and fish. Gradually, these body-building exercises developed into a sort of boxing through long practice and improvement, which is generally called 'Shaolin boxing'.

Shaolin martial arts include boxing, stick art, spear art, sword art and so on. Shaolin boxing is strong and powerful. It is a combination of attack and defence thus making it practical for real fights. Stick art played an important role in wars. It can not only defeat the enemy and achieve victory, but also improve health and promote longevity. Spear is regarded as the king of the ancient weapons. Spear arts are various, including Shaolin spear, Yezhan spear, Lanmen spear and so on.

Famous Kung Fu Actors:

There are many world-famous martial arts actors such as Bruce Lee, who is regarded as the 'King of Kungfu' as well as a great film star. Jet Li, a super star of martial arts, has successfully developed many Kungfu figures in a number of blockbusters. Jackie Chan is noted for his outstanding kungfu skills in the film industry at home and abroad. People can really marvel at and admire the charm of Chinese martial arts from their marvelous works. In 2008, martial arts was added to the events of the Olympic Games, which were held in Beijing.

Through China Adventure Club, we can take you to the cradle of Kung Fu, which is in the town of Dengfeng, home of the Shaolin Temple, in Henan province. Our programs in Dengfeng allow you to train and practice Kung Fu-style martial arts under the guidance of professional masters, including those that are affiliated with the Shaolin Temple. Under our training programs, you will have two hours of instruction in the morning, two hours after lunch, and an optional two hours in the evening. In addition to your training, you will also have the opportunity to extensively tour Shaolin while also taking in the other wonderful ancient temples in the surrounding countryside.