24 Feb 2011

One Day Great Wall Biking Tour

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  • Bike through some charming Chinese villages, getting a taste of what life used to be. The Great Wall makes for a perfect back drop to your journey!
  • The wall on this hike is made up both of restored and unrestored “Wild Wall”, which allows you to compare and contrast the wall in a way that most people can’t
  • The “Wild Wall” section is almost devoid of tourists, allowing for a serene and intimate hike
  • This hike is great for a family day out!
  • All major riding and hiking materials provided!

    Lunch included

    In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel by your English-speaking travel guide, and from there we will make the drive (about 2 hours) to the Huanghuacheng Great Wall, where we will cycle through the wall’s nearby villages. Huanghuacheng (Yellow Flower City) Great Wall is the latest section of the Great Wall to become popular with hikers. During summer, the countryside around Huanghuacheng Great Wall is swathed in yellow, as masses of wild flowers come into bloom.

    Construction of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall began in 1575, during the Ming Dynasty, under the supervision of General Cai Kai. It took the fastidious Cai many years to finish the project, but when he returned to the capital to report the completion of his task, he was promptly beheaded. Scheming ministers had told Emperor Wanli that the workmanship Cai oversaw was slipshod and lackadaisical. The emperor was so enraged by these scurrilous reports, he ordered Cai’s immediate execution. It later occurred to the emperor that an investigation might be in order, so he sent a trusted aid to survey Cai’s wall. The aid reported back that Huanghuaheng Great Wall was solid, steep and exemplified the finest workmanship. Realizing he had been perhaps a little hasty in condemning Cai to death, Wanli ordered a tomb and memorial stele to be erected in honor of the loyal general.

    Once we arrive we will unload our bikes from the van, and we’ll get started on our ride through Huanghuacheng’s charming villages. While riding you’ll be able to free your mind while cycling on the paved light-traffic road with the Great Wall always looming large ahead of you. After about two hours of riding, we’ll stop for a Chinese lunch at a local farmer’s restaurant.

    After lunch, we’ll put our bikes away in the van and start the second part of our activity, our hike from Huanghuacheng to the Xishuiyu Great Wall. The Xishuiyu Great Wall combines spectacular views of the Great Wall, access to the real Wild Great Wall, and a beautiful scenic environment. Most of the Great Wall around Xishuiyu is in reasonably good, deteriorated but not collapsed condition. None of the Great Wall here has been restored so it retains its authentic condition. As you follow the Wall to the west, you will get views of the Xiaoxihu reservoir to your right. You will find several opportunities to get off the wall and walk down the reservoir, crossing through a large Ming dynasty chestnut field at the bottom. There is a path all the way around the reservoir so you can follow it in either direction.

    After a few hours of hiking, we will meet our van and driver, and you will be driven back to your hotel in Beijing, as you should arrive in the early evening.

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