Three-day Great Wall Camping and Trekking Tours

This tour allows for those who want to get an extended stay out of the hustle and bustle of Beijing. Along with visiting some of the more unknown sections of the Great Wall, we will also go to Chengde, and imperial resort town of the last ruling dynasty of China, the Qing. It is included on the prestigious list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. We will visit the imperial garden of the Summer Resort, and the Potala Palace, which is a little piece of Tibet in northern China.

The next day will include a trip to the Panijakou Reservoir and the Xifengkou Great Wall. Xifengkou is one of the great novelties of the Great Wall, as some of it is underwater! This tour is not only for the serious hiker, as we will only hiker for about 5km/1.5 miles.

This tour also includes a trip to Qianhe Mountain, which is a vast assortment of dramatic peaks, breathtaking islands, and mystifying caves.

This is a brand new tour we will be offering, so be among the first to go along on this adventurous romp of the natural wonders of China!

*Bonus: Free Chinese royal foot massage at Beijing's #1 Massage & Health Center.