Seven-day Great Wall Trekking Tours

This seven-day journey is composed for the ultimate Great Wall enthusiast. This hike requires you to be in good physical condition, so please know where you stand. While this hike is tough physically, you will gain a greater understanding of the Great Wall and its original strategic purpose, as well as a wonderful tour of Chinese culture and nature.

On this tour, we will start from Old Dragon’s Head in Hebei Province, which is the eastern starting point of the “Ten thousand li Great Wall” and carry on to the Huangyaguan Pass in Tianjin. Huangyaguan is a great section of the wall, as it is designed to be a microcosm of the entire Great Wall of China, so from this section you will learn an enormous amount about the wall.

From there we will press on to Gubeikou, Jinshanling and Simatai. This classic hike is the staple of Great Wall hiking, and thedramatic twists and turns the wall takes on the mountainside will make for a fitting end to your odyssey.

The total length of this hike is 60km/37 miles. Some parts of the wall on our journey are greatly deteriorated, so prepare to face some adversity and hardship on the way. But it will be worth it, because your adventure will show you a wondrous China that most never get the chance to see.

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