Four-day Great Wall Trekking and Camping Adventure Tours

Our 4 day hiking programs are perfect for those who only have a limited amount of time in the Beijing area, or for those who want to discover some of the wall’s lesser known sections. As with our other multi-day hiking trips, your English-speaking guide will meet you at your Beijing hotel. Your guide will be with you during the duration of the trip, giving you tidbits of history and knowledge, as well as being well versed in the lay of the land, ensuring your hike is a safe and responsible one. Additionally, all major hiking and camping equipment will be provided, but please provide your own hiking boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, and of course, your camera, for those gorgeous Great Wall views.

The 4-day hiking options take you to the full range of Great Wall structures, from restored wall with magnificent brickwork and majestic watchtowers, to the “Wild Wall” of ruined fortresses and dramatic peaks and cliffs. You’ll travail well-known sections such as Jinshanling and Mutianyu and discover almost hidden marvels such as Jiaoshan and Xishuiyu. Along the way, exciting cultural side trips to places such as the East Qing Tombs (the resting place of China’s last imperial dynasty) add more magic to the journey.

Our trips will also show you a neglected side of China, one that isn’t widely reported in all the stories about China’s economic boom. You’ll have the chance to explore and stay in tiny villages and farmer’s communities that are in the countryside, trying the local delicacies and learning about their long yet fascinating lives during your time there.

*Bonus: Free Chinese royal foot massage at Beijing's #1 Massage & Health Center.