4 Day Huangshan Cultural Tour


  • Hongcun Village is located in Yixian County, located near the southwestern slope of Huangshan Mountain. It is listed as one of China's top 10 charming villages and together with Xidi Village it was added to UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List in 2000. Morning mists, gray tiles, white walls, stone bridges, water lily ponds, and hills at the background, are all elements of traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Hongcun and Xidi Village have all of these features, and have both been named "a village in a Chinese painting"
  • Recently listed on UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, Huangshan Mountain is a testament to the beauty that only nature can create. It has served as the inspiration for artists, poets, dreamers, and romantics for thousands of years
  • See the intriguing pine formations and the seas and mists of clouds, while enjoying the sunrise and sunset from the mountain top of Huangshan

(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)

Detailed itinerary:

Day 1 arrive in Huangshan City

Upon your arrival in Huangshan city (either by train or plane), you will be met by your English-speaking guide. From your pick-up you’ll be taken to your hotel. You can spend your first night in Huangshan at your own leisure, but you might want to experience some of the local culture, which largely focuses on tea.

Drinking tea is an indispensable part of people’s daily life, if you want to experience nightlife in Huangshan City, which is famous for tea production and drinking, then visiting a tea house should be an essential part of your visit. There are more than enough tea houses in Huangshan for you to get your fix, so pinkies up!

Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) (B, L)

After breakfast in the hotel, we will drive to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain). With a height of 1873 meters (6145 feet), it is the highest peak of the Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area. At present over 500 kinds of animals and 1500 kinds of plants live on the Huangshan Mountains. UNESCO listed Yellow Mountain as one of the World Natural Heritage sites in 1990.

Once we arrive, we will take the cable car from Yungu Station to the top of the mountain. After checking into your hotel at the summit and having lunch we’ll get started with our sightseeing. You will first be taken to Gong Bei Bridge. From the bridge the mountain drops more than 1000 feet down, and there is a gap in the rocks that offers a view of green-clad peaks emerging and disappearing in the fog. Then we will visit the North Sea Scenic Area and West Sea Grand Valley to enjoy the dramatic views of bizarre rock formations and peaks. Along the way you will also see Flying Rock and Brightness Apex. We’ll stay overnight at the summit.

Day 3 Mt.Huangshan-Huangshan City (B)

On this day, try to get up early in the morning to catch the Huangshan Mountain’s magnificent sunrise. After breakfast you will tour the Begin-to-Believe Peak, where you will see its ancient twisted pines. After all the exercise, you will take the cable car down the mountain where you will visit the Jade Pool. After your visit to Huangshan Mountain, your driver will be waiting to take you back to the city of Huangshan to visit Tunxi Ancient Street.

The Old Street is 1.5 kilometers long and 7 meters wide. There are long lines of shops along two side of the street. They are all made of brick and wood and have double floors. All these houses in Huizhou style overflow a rush of strong archaic charm. Although the shops in the old street are not very large, they are relatively deep. There are tens of old and famous shops in the old street. The Tongderen was a Chinese traditional medicine shop. It was established in the second year of the Tongzhi Perio,d of the Qing dynasty, with a history of over 120 years. Qimen black tea and Tunxi green tea which are famous throughout the world, mostly distribute in Tunxi. All kinds of Anhui ink stick and Sehxian ink stone can be found here. Products of “Huizhou Four Carvings” (brick, wood, stone and bamboo), Chinese painting in Anhui style, print, rubbing from a stone inscription, Goldstone seal cutting, Chinese pot gardening and root carving can be seen here and there.

Day 4 Huangshan City-depart (B)

After breakfast in the hotel you will be taken to Yixian County, (about 1-hour drive) from the city of Huangshan. In Yixian we will visit the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi.

Hongcun is the main village where the Wang families live together. The Wang clan is a respectable family in the Central Plains of China. Because it moved to the south at the end of the Han dynasty, the descendants of the Wang clan spread to every parts of the south of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River. Encircled by green hills, two streams flow through the village from north and east converging at Huiyuan Bridge. The village has two main streets and about 99 lanes. All the streets and lanes are paved with cobbles or black stones. The residences, lanes and streets combine well with the hills and streams. Lying about 10 kilometers (6 miles) northeast of Yixian County, Hongcun Village enjoys the reputation of ‘a village in the beautiful Chinese picture’ because of its location at high altitude and being shrouded by clouds and mist. It has about 137 Ming and Qing style residences.

We’ll then head nearby to the village of Xidi. Located at the foot of Mt. Huangshan, the city was built 900 years ago during the Song Dynasty. The village’s traditional architecture is well preserved, and Xidi has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The buildings and the street patterns reflect the socio-economic structure of an enduring period of Chinese history. Don’t miss the large memorial archway that marks the village entrance.

You will then be taken to either the airport or the train station, where you will head on to your next destination.

        Joyce Haber, Stamford, Conn, USA:

Thank you for your follow-up message, we appreciate your professionalism.

We are delighted by this first visit of China, things up to now are just almost perfect. Although not speaking Chinese, we are now quite at ease taking buses, trains, taxis ..

We really enjoyed our trip to Huangshan and the villages Hong Cun and Xidi. The sceneries were fantastic and the weather was perfect. I took many photos to show to friends, suggesting them however to visit late September if possible due to strong tourism activity in the summer.

Our stay at Hong Cun was a highlight. We appreciated the special and traditional accomodation of the guest house. I even had time to discuss with the house master on poetry in the period of the Tang Dynasty.

We will fly back to Canada this Briday. Be certain we will recommend China Adventure Club to our friends!